06. Dezember 2019
diving on Jenkins Point close to Male... loads of rays, banner and neopren fish. Grazy but still amazing...
06. Dezember 2019
around 12 years ago, one turtle bit me in my fin while filming another one and 2 sharks in front of me... what do you think?
03. Dezember 2019
Diving on Orimas Thila, Noonu you should not focus on the big stuff only. You can find a lot of small things like Octopus, nudibranchs, and much more...
02. Dezember 2019
always good to dive there. Guitar ray, grey and silver tip sharks, Napoleon.... follow us on
01. Dezember 2019
cute blue boxfish, apart from the big staff ;) Mantas all over the place all groups had their own cleaning station with 4 and more Mantas on each one...
28. November 2019
Manta on Mulidhoo Corner
28. November 2019
poor little thing, lost one of her wing legs :( please stop polution of plastic and fishing nets into the ocean... follow us on https://web.facebook.com/AMBA.DasBoot/
24. November 2019
watching the sharks, eagle rays and many other fish life follow us on https://web.facebook.com/mario.rueckert/videos/10157767611047418/
22. November 2019
enjoying the turtles at home ;) Lhaviyani
21. November 2019
watching, watching.... coming closer and closer and closer ....

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