26. Februar 2020
on almost all dives on Nelleidhoo Thila, you can meet Gary... so far we could observe, he maybe was born like this... handcapped shark ;)
24. Februar 2020
our dear repeater guest Sandra, 09/2019, 01/2020 and 02/2020 and guide Steve/Steffen getting their Birthday presents from our crew... Happy Birthday from AMBA
22. Februar 2020
Tauchturm Seiersberg, first group for thi syear. Next one will follow soon ;)
21. Februar 2020
come and join....
20. Februar 2020
19. Februar 2020
18. Februar 2020
together with Tauchturm Seiersberg... 2 wingman guarding the Manta ;)
17. Februar 2020
Tauchturm Seiesberg AT....
09. Februar 2020
www.tauchtraeume.de Thanks for your visit. hope to see you soon again and have a great travel through Sri Lanka next week.
04. Februar 2020
apart from app. 10++ baby silver tips some grey reef took the chance, to get their teeth cleaned

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