COMFORTABLE SCUBA diving LIVEABOARD to the best atolls in the Maldives under German management WITH INDIVIDUAL INTERNATIONAL FLAIR for over 18 years.





The ship mainly approaches so-called channels and thilas with mostly medium and strong currents to enable sightings of large fish. These diving areas require some diving experience and are not suitable for diving beginners. It is important to have some experience in dealing with currents, so called washing machines, down currents and up currents as well as experience in handling a reef hook and the correct handling of a signal buoy. There is a guide on board who points the way, diving and surfacing in the self-responsible buddy team.


The ship has been a comfortable liveaboard yacht with individual charm for 18 years. A maximum of 18 guests can be accommodated. Each planned trip is confirmed with only one guest. This offers a very high level of planning security for your holiday. We deliberately do not categorize ourselves as a luxury ship. We offer a lot of comfort on a beautiful, massive old ship where there are sometimes edges and corners that creak and are no longer as spotless as 18 years ago. We also called long-time friends on board wood termites. These are completely harmless but can still be seen when the weather changes. Sometimes 5, sometimes 10, sometimes 20. The ship is slow compared to other liveaboards, going between 5-7 knots instead of 12-15 knots. 


Most of the crew have been working on the ship for many years and know their trade. We have practically no crew changes. The new young employees were warmly welcomed by the old crew and thus also responsibly trained for their task. Our guides tend to be age 45 and up and have been in the business for a long time. Thus, they also know how to deal professionally with the most diverse diving experiences and characters.


During the tours, divers have the chance to see beautiful reefs with a healthy variety of hard corals or soft corals, manta rays, whale sharks, reef sharks, stingrays, guitarfish, large hammerhead sharks, large tiger sharks, mature spinner sharks and a wide variety of small animals and to experience unforgettable dives. It is important to note that we will of course visit the advertised dive sites and atolls whenever possible. However, it may be that we cannot go on the planned tour for weather-related reasons and have to use alternatives. The decision rests solely with the captain. We like to dive in good places ourselves, so we really only change the tour if we have to. We visit a dive site where we have a very high probability of seeing large tiger sharks. We ask for your understanding that we reserve the right to only go diving with (from our point of view) very experienced divers on this dive. A special liability waiver must be signed for this dive. This dive can also be canceled by the triple leader at any time for safety reasons and is not one of the standard dives offered.


The ship is 34 meters long and 10 meters wide. With a width of 10 meters, the ship is a safe and calm ship. There are 4 floors in total, with the ship being built wider than taller for safety reasons. Since the crew is all very experienced, we never take any risks. Neither while driving nor under water. Even if the ship is very solidly built and is a very safe ship, it can happen that the Ari Atoll and the Vavuu Atoll cannot be approached, especially in the rainy season. (Even if other ships do sail)


The upper deck has two very beautiful, exclusive large cabins with their own very large terrace. On the lower deck there are 7 more spacious standard cabins with private bathrooms, individually controlled new air conditioning and an additional fan.


Three fresh international meals are served daily in the moderately (25 C) air-conditioned salon. The kitchen crew has been working on board for many years and conjures up Western, Thai and Maldivian specialties with fresh products.


Drinking water, black tea and instant coffee are included in the price. Wine, cocktails, long drinks, beer, coffee capsules, soft drinks and delicious fruit shakes are available at moderate prices from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. at the bar in the salon. Alcohol of course only after the last dive.


The shaded outdoor saloon on the upper deck offers comfortable loungers and tables and is ideal for relaxing between dives or in the evening. A large sun deck, which is partially covered, invites you to sunbathe with sun loungers and other generous sunbathing areas.


During the different tours 2-3 dives per day and one night dive during the whole tour are offered, which are included in the 2-3 dives.


All dives are made from the spacious accompanying vessel. It offers enough space to store the equipment and to put on the equipment. We fill the tanks on board the liveaboard and we have no way of putting long hoses from the compressor to the AMBA because we are traveling between dives. For the guests, this means dismantling the equipment themselves after each dive and reassembling it before the dive. Each guest always has two tanks and can therefore switch very quickly and easily.


A toilet and a fresh water shower are of course available.


Nitrox is mandatory and all guests must be certified to dive 30 meters. A minimum of 100 open water dives is expected. The trips consist mainly of drift dives and each dive site has an average depth of 25-30 meters. If you are not certified for Nitrox at the beginning of the safari, you can take the courses on board with an experienced english speaking diving instructor.


For safety reasons we do not offer air fills and we are very strict on dive safety and well maintened and full dive equipment.


Before each dive there is an informative but short briefing in English, which prepares the divers well for the dive. Diving is done in a buddy team. This means that every diver is responsible for himself and his buddy. This information is very important so that the divers can prepare in advance that a guide will be present, but will not ask for air or no-decompression time and is not there to tell the divers when it is time to surface.


It is not possible to dive on the day of arrival, after the first dive on the day before departure and on the day of departure itself.


We ask  divers for a certificationproof. A logbook and a certificate of fitness to dive will not be checked.


In addition to the usual diving equipment, every diving guest must carry a cutting tool, buoy with reel, diving lamp, alarm whistle, compass and a dive computer and carry them on every dive.


We do not accept exceptions and expect every diver to abide by the safety rules.


New first-class Scubapro rental equipment is available on board if needed in all sizes.


We ask divers who carry their own dive computer to change the battery before the tour. Regular service of the equipment is required. Spare equipment and tools are available in limited quantities.


One day after arrival, one of two check dives will be done first thing in the morning. The first is for acclimatization and for the divers to be able to properly equip themselves with weights. On the second dive we want to make sure that the divers are able to use the buoy from a depth of five meters and that they can set up and use their dive computers and reef hooks correctly.


15 liter scuba tanks are available in limited quantities. Here the principle applies: "First come, first serve!" 15 liter scuba tanks can only be pre-ordered at check-in. As soon as you have completed the online check-in, you will immediately receive a confirmation or rejection for the tank.


As the pandemic seems to be coming to an end, new changes and new regulations are reaching us every day. Since we are not always able to keep up with this multitude of changes in good time, we ask our guests to ask the diving tour operator for the necessary information well in advance.


Boarding of the yacht is only possible for fully vaccinated and recovered people. We kindly ask you NOT to send the vaccination certificate in advance by e-mail, but to present it in digital form or printed out at check-in at counter 14 in Male at the airport. If you cannot show this proof at check-in, you are not allowed to enter the ship. We ask for your understanding.


Guests will be picked up by the crew at 2:00 p.m. and also at 3:30 p.m. at counter 14 of the airport. During the crossing to the liveaboard, the diving equipment is unpacked and set up.


Guests are asked to leave the ship at 7 a.m. for check-out. The transfer to the airport by the diving dhoni starts at 06:55 am in the morning. We do not offer a late check out.


Year of construction: 2004

Length: 34 meters

Width: 10 meters

Engines: Volvo Penta Marine, Yanmar Marine

Generators: 2 Fischer Panda 40 KW, 1 Kohler 80 KW

Compressors: 2 Bauer compressors, 1 membrane for Nitrox

Diving tanks: 12 liters aluminum, 15 liters aluminum, DIN valves with or without inlet

Navigation: compass, radio, GPS, depth gauge, 2 captains. With a bit of luck we will arrive ;)


Many languages are spoken on board the SAFARI PARADIVE. However, English and German are the main languages. The guests come mainly from planet earth. Of course, we also warmly welcome any other nationality.


Please take a look at the price list on our website. Experience has shown that guests take 500 euros in cash in euros or US dollars on board (please no small dollar or euro banknotes. New ones are best banknotes directly from your house bank). Credit cards or bank transfers are not accepted. The crew is happy about a tip, which according to experience is 120 euros for short trips of 8 days 7 Nights and 160 euros for long trips per diver.


We ask that you ensure that you have valid diving accident and evacuation insurance. A regular international health insurance or domestic health insurance usually does not cover diving-related accidents. In times of the pandemic, it is also advisable to take out Covid insurance and quarantine insurance or the like.


There is no prejudice aboard our Vessel. Everyone, regardless of origin, religion or sexual preference, is welcome on board and can feel free, safe and heartily welcome. LGBT couples and of course singles should and can feel absolutely free and safe. If one of the other guests is bothered by this (which in case of doubt can or will lead to the complaining guests being banned from board) we have a small dinghy or a cold store to stay until the light comes on ;) The crew is modern, neutral and it is not the first time that the crew has been spending time on board with gay guests.


T-shirts and shorts or skirts are fine. It can sometimes rain, so we recommend taking a light jacket with you. Our crew is very modern and has been used to dealing with tourists for many years. So you don't have to make sure that pants are long enough or cover your shoulders. Bikini and swimming shorts are absolutely ok. There is no dress code on board. However, it is desirable that shorts and outerwear be worn at mealtimes.


1,190 coral islands forming an archipelago of 26 major atolls stretching 820 kilometers north-south and 120 kilometers east-west. 202 of these islands are inhabited and over 100 are now exclusive resort islands.


Generally warm and humid. The sun shines all year round and the average temperatures are between 29°C and 32°C. Water temperature between 27° and 29°. The rainy season is in the months of May, June, July, August and partly September. That means it is muggy, lots of rain, sometimes high waves, tropical storms, little current, limited visibility and yet a time when it is worth traveling to the Maldives because there is significantly less going on, the dive sites are almost empty and the one or other fish that don't appear otherwise.


However, guests must be aware that we may not be able to drive the entire planned tour. The months of September, October, November, December, January, February and March are the so-called dry season. If you can call it that and see nothing but water. This time is characterized by flat sea, strong currents, lots of big fish, crystal clear water and therefore a time that should not be missed under any circumstances. In the change from the rainy season to the dry season, the atolls are thoroughly washed by strong currents. This means that the visibility can be very bad sometimes. This usually happens in November/December.


It is strictly forbidden to bring alcohol into the Maldives and will be punished with heavy fines. You are also not allowed to consume any alcohol you have brought with you on board. Likewise pork. As we have an alcohol license on board, we offer a variety of fine wines, spirits, cocktails, soft drinks etc. Our Maldivian and Bangladeshi crew are subject to a very strict alcohol ban. We ask that you do not invite the crew for a beer either.


Smoking is only permitted on board in the open rear lounge. Experience has shown that 99% of all passengers and crew are non-smokers. So it is always a good idea to stop smoking in order to have more air under water in the end. Guaranteed help to easily quit smoking can be found here:


We recommend checking the country's import regulations for taking personal medication with you. To date, none of our guests have had any problems regarding the import of medicines.


Please urgently bring a small medicine kit including travel/seasickness tablets, scuba and antibiotic ear drops, broad spectrum antibiotics, ACC tablets, lozenges, and nasal spray just in case.


Health care in the Maldives is good. Tree Top Hospital in Hulhumale meets European standards. Hyperbaric Chambers are located on Kuredu, Kuramathi, and Bandos.