Maldives Scuba Diving Liveaboard

Starting at 999 Euro only

Book now and reserve your space onboard. Our entire Crew is already vaccinated for their own and the safety of our Guests. We act according to the european travel rights.

The AMBA has been a comfort class diving safari ship for more than 15 years with a lot of individual charm and a very experienced and friendly crew.


Over the years the crew has grown together and feels like a family. The guests notice and appreciate this very much and are accepted into the family from the very first moment.


On the various tours, divers have the chance to see spectacular reefs, manta rays, whale sharks, reef sharks, stingrays, guitar rays, hammerhead sharks and a wide variety of small animals as well as a healthy variety of corals and experience unforgettable dives.


Care is taken that divers who have a lot of air are allowed to dive for a long time. There is a maximum of 60 minutes and 50 bar at the beginning of the 5 minutes at 5 meters safety stop.


The large and well-maintained yacht can accommodate a maximum of 20 guests, mainly from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The onboard language however is always english. 


Every planned trip is confirmed with only one guest. This offers great planning security for your vacation and is unique in the world.


We act according to European travel law and charge 10% cancellation fees for cancellations less than 10 days before departure.


The ship is 34 meters long and 10 meters wide. With a width of 10 meters and the carefully built-in stabilizers, the AMBA is a very safe and quiet ship.


The motors and generators are very quiet and at night you will hear next to nothing but the sound of the sea. Even the cabins on the lower deck, which are close to the generators, are very quiet at night.


The ship was completely and carefully renovated over several months during the Corona crisis at the turn of 2020/2021 and offers a lot of space and comfort both inside and outside. In addition to a lot of technical work, new individually controllable inverter air conditioning systems were installed in the cabins and the entire ship was freshly painted inside and out with a high-quality, non-smelling paint.




The upper deck has two premium and two luxury cabins, on the cabin deck there are 6 further spacious standard cabins with their own bathroom, individually adjustable new air conditioning and an additional fan.


The mattresses and pillows are new, meet a good German standard and are thoroughly disinfected and cleaned before each tour. The bed linen and mattress covers are washed by a professional industrial cleaner before each departure.


The cabins are equipped with either double beds or single beds. Please ask your tour operator about this.


The luxury cabins on the upper deck are larger and offer a fantastic view of the Indian Ocean from the spacious private terraces, half of which are covered. The cabins can be cleaned daily and provided with fresh towels if requested. We try our workplace the Indian Ocean, not to unnecessarily pollute the underwater world with dirty water and therefore ask our guests to use towels several times.




In the moderately (23 C) air-conditioned main salon, three fresh international meals are served daily as a buffet, and desserts in the evening. Fresh fruits are available all day.


The kitchen crew has been working on board the AMBA for more than 14 years and conjures up the most delicious dishes with fresh products that we supply from a local organic supplier who completely dispenses with pesticides.


Of course, there is also really freshly caught fish for fish lovers. We support local small fishing families and buy the fish caught on the same day during the tour.


Fresh rolls and cakes are freshly baked on board every morning by our experienced baker. First-class, very pure drinking water, black tea and instant coffee are included in the price.


Good wines, cocktails, long drinks, beer, freshly brewed coffee or espresso as well as soft drinks and delicious fruit shakes are available at moderate prices from 6:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. at the bar in the salon.


The covered outdoor saloon on the upper deck offers shade and is ideal for relaxing between dives or in the evening. A large sun deck, which is partially covered, invites you to sunbathe with sun loungers and spacious loungers. Towels are served!


Good internet is available on board for a moderate fee. 5 GB for only 15 euros.


Diving activities During the different tours, a maximum of 3 dives per day and one night dive are offered during the entire tour. On some days we are looking for a whale shark and can therefore only offer 2 dives. All dives are made from the accompanying spacious escort ship. It offers enough space to store the equipment and to put on the equipment. A toilet and a fresh water shower are of course available on the escort ship.


On board the AMBA, each cabin has its own large compartment in the saloon to keep dive computers, cameras, etc. safe and dry. Batteries can be charged in the cabins without hesitation.


Nitrox is mandatory and all guests must be certified for a depth of 30 meters. A minimum of 50 open water dives is expected. The tours we do mainly consist of drift dives. If you are not certified for Nitrox or 30 meters at the beginning of the safari, you can take the courses on board the AMBA with an experienced english-speaking diving instructor. For safety reasons, we do not offer air fillings and we are very strict on diving safety. Stage or additional sidemount tanks with a maximum of 32% nitrox can be booked cheaply.


Before every dive there is a good and short briefing in english which prepares the divers in the best possible way for the dive.


It is not possible to dive on the day of arrival and the day before departure except the early morning dive.


A Covid-19 test may have to be taken the day before your departure. For this purpose, we organize a mobile PCR test team that comes on board the AMBA immediately after entering the port of Male at around 3 p.m. on the day before departure. You will receive the result by email within 10-15 hours. The test costs 100 euros and must be paid for with the on-board bill.


We kindly ask you to have your certification (also just as a photo) ready at check-in. A logbook does not have to be presented. In addition to the usual diving equipment, every diving guest must carry a cutting tool, buoy with reel, diving lamp, signal whistle and a dive computer (per diver).


As mentioned above, we do not accept any exceptions and expect every diver to adhere to the given safety rules. A diving torch must be carried on every dive. Rental equipment is available on board if pre-ordered. We ask divers who have their own dive computer to change their batteries before the tour. Regular servicing of the equipment is a prerequisite. Spare equipment and tools are available in limited quantities.


Experienced divers with at least 300 drift dives, 200 of which have to be done in the Maldives, are welcome to dive independently with a diving partner. For this we ask you to present a logbook. If the last dive was more than 2 years ago or the diver does not feel safe, we ask you to take a refresher course in a good dive center in advance at home.


The guests will be picked up by the crew at 2 p.m. at counter 14 of the airport. During the crossing to the AMBA, the diving equipment is also set up. Please pack your diving gear so that you have quick access.


When you arrive at AMBA there is a welcome drink and an ice-cold lime towel for refreshment. If guests arrive earlier at the airport, the partner hotel offers a DayStay in Male for a maximum of 6 hours or 10 hours at a fair price. Booking is easy with the online check-in as soon as you have booked your trip.


After a short welcome briefing at the AMBA, guests move into their cabins, relax in the lounge or sleep a few hours after a long flight. At 6:30 p.m. the boat briefing is called, during which the safety aspects, the boat rules and the tour are explained. Anyone arriving later at the airport will be picked up individually. There will be no diving on the day of arrival! One day after arrival, the first thing in the morning is a check dive. During this dive, the dive crew wants to make sure that you are able to clear your mask, recover your regulator, and use the smb from a depth of five meters.


We are of course happy to help if the skills are a bit rusty. Diver experienced guests appreciate the AMBA because of the relaxed, uncomplicated and competent support from the experienced German management. Beginners feel very comfortable in the hands of the boat management, the experienced guides and diving instructors because we take care of everyone individually.


Every crew member, even the cooks and room boys, are trained or refreshed annually to become oxygen providers and first aiders.



Year of construction: 2004

Length: 34 meters

Width: 10 meters

Engines: Volvo Penta 430 HP

Generators: 2 Fischer Panda 40 KW, 1 Kohler 80 KW

Compressors: 3 Bauer compressors, 1 membrane for Nitrox

Scuba tanks: 12 liters aluminum, 15 liters, DIN valves

Navigation: radio, GPS, depth meter, 3 captains. With a little luck we will arrive;)



German English



We ask you to note the extra price list on the AMBA website.



We ask you to make sure that you have a valid diving accident and evacuation insurance. This is compulsory in the Maldives and also on board the AMBA. We will not control this, but we will make it a requirement.



There is no prejudice on board the Amba. Everyone, regardless of their origin, religion or sexual preference, is welcome on board and can feel free, safe and warmly welcomed by all our crew and other guests.

Gay, lesbian or transgender couples or, of course, singles should and can feel absolutely free and safe. If anyone of the other guests is bothered, we have a small dinghy for them to sleep for the rest of the trip ;)



T-shirts and shorts are sufficient. It can sometimes rain, so we recommend taking a thin jacket with you. There is no dress rule on board. However, it is desirable that shorts and outerwear be worn during mealtimes. We strongly advise against taking too much laundry on board. It's hot in the Maldives. Experienced Maldives travelers have 2 shorts and 2 T-shirts as well as pretzels, chocolate and German coffee for the diving instructor in their luggage;).



Payment on board (tourist tax, drinks, nitrox, WiFi, tips, etc.) is only possible in cash, in euros or USD. Credit cards are not accepted. In response to multiple inquiries, we recommend our guests to have around 500 euros per guest in cash with them. If you are planning to take a course on board or rent equipment, please add the price.



There is no rule or obligation to tip. Tips are a gift for the crew if the service was good. Due to many repeated inquiries, the average tip is 100 euros for the short tour and 150 euros for the long tour per guest. The tip is shared fairly and every employee receives the same share. Guides don't have to be tipped seperately.



1,190 coral islands, which form an archipelago of 26 larger atolls with an extension of 820 kilometers in north-south direction and 120 kilometers in east-west direction. 202 of these islands are inhabited and 87 are exclusive resort islands.



Generally warm and humid. The sun shines all year round and the average temperatures are between 29 ° C and 32 ° C.



between 27 ° and 29 °.



Dhivehi is spoken in all parts of the Maldives, but most Maldivians also speak English. English and German are spoken on board the AMBA.



It is 3-4 hours later than in Germany, depending on the summer or winter time.



All visitors receive a free visa for 30 days upon entry, no prior visa is required. However, the passport must be valid for at least 6 months after leaving the Maldives. Due to the current Covid-19 situation, a negative test result, which must not be older than 96 hours, must be presented upon entry. A health declaration must also be completed. You will receive information on this as soon as you have made your booking with one of our tour operators.



It is strictly forbidden to bring alcohol into the Maldives and is punished with heavy fines, as well as pork and pornographic material. Since we have an alcohol license on board the AMBA, we offer a variety of fine wines, schnapps, cocktails, soft drinks, etc. Our prices are comparatively very moderate and you are not allowed to consume your own drinks on board the Amba. We also have more than enough coffee capsules and ask for your understanding that we do not allow you to use coffee capsules that you have brought with you. Our Maldivian and Bangladeshi crew are subject to a very strict alcohol ban. We ask not to invite the crew for a beer either. Our European crew Stefan and Chris may see it differently;) If you still want to bring a special drop with you and consume it on board, we charge € 20 corkage per bottle of wine, schnapps, € 40 corkage fee and € 2 per coffee capsule.




smoking is permitted in the open stern lounge and on the private terraces of the luxury cabins. The latter of course only for guests who have booked a luxury cabin. To protect non-smokers, we ask smokers to only smoke in this area. Of course, we also have cigarettes ready for sale on board for emergencies.



It goes without saying that drugs of any kind are strictly forbidden in the Maldives and on the ship. We recommend checking the country's import regulations for taking personal medication with you. Please bring a small medicine cabinet with you including seasickness tablets, diving drops and nasal spray. The health system in the Maldives is good. The Tree Top Hospital in Hulhumale meets European standards. Hyperbaric chambers are located on Kuredu, Kuramathi and Bandos.