Liveaboards to the best diving spots in the Maldives aboard the professionally operated MV AMBA, which has been popular for many years


The 34 meter long and 10-meter-wide yacht in the Maldives has been a very safe, reliable and comfortable liveaboard ship with individual and distinctive charm and a very experienced crew for many years. There is space for 20 experienced divers on the large and well-kept diving ship. The tour guide on board comes from Germany.


The safety and well-being of our guests and crew is our top priority!


Of course we reflect what we do with the expertise and opinion of other professionals to make sure we are always up are up to date.


We do not take any risks during the journey or during the dives.


Here is a list of security precautions and instruments and tools that we use to ensure the highest level of security at all times.


- A very experienced captain and a well trained and prepared crew


- The deputy tour guide was a full-time firefighter in Germany for many years and shares his knowledge with the crew in regular workshops and briefings and takes over management in emergencies.


- Detailed safety training sessions are held in the local language of the crew by certified and experienced professionals and thus supplement the general safety concept.

- At all workshops, the participants receive written proof of the refresher course or, if it was an initial training, an internationally valid certification.


- Simulated test emergency scenarios without prior registration for the crew to be able to react properly in an emergency are held at regular intervals. Our guests will of course be informed in advance.


- Before each tour, the entire crew, under the guidance of the tour guide, works through all relevant emergency procedures and stations as an integral part of the safety checklist in order to be able to act quickly and without delay in an emergency.


- Guests who have a medical background, for example doctors, paramedics, firefighters, are asked to present themselves to the tour guide at the beginning of the trip so that the right decisions can be made in an emergency.


- In the kitchen we do not use deep-fried food, in order to fundamentally avoid fat fires, which are often the reason for fires on board ships


- The gas services in the kitchen are regularly checked and renewed if necessary. From next year we are thinking about a solution with induction hotplates. And we only take as much kitchen gas as we need on a tour to avoid unnecessarily flammable material on board.


We have on board


- Satellite phone

- Different mobile phones with different network providers

- Unlimited internet for emergencies (reception required)

- Radio/built-in radios

- Handheld radios for the crew

- GPS positioning buoy (Epirb)

- Waterproof radio with GPS emergency transmitter

- Self-activating life rafts for a maximum of 40 people (ordered)

- Rescue speedboat for short distances

- Large and fast dinghy that also serves as a life raft.

- Emergency signal rockets (flare gun) (ordered)

- Defibrillator on the main ship

- Compass

- Professional GPS navigation system

- Depth Finder

- Life jackets on all boats and in critical areas

- Sufficient fire extinguishers in all areas easily accessible

- Fire Axe

- Fire blankets for the kitchen

- Professional powder fire extinguishing system in the engine room

- Busch Jaeger smoke detectors in every area and room

- Night watch security service with sleep protection switch

- Autonomous emergency lighting in all areas and cabins

- Emergency flashlights in all cabins

- Acoustic very loud emergency alarm operable at the captain and in the saloon

- Bildge/Water alerts distributed throughout the lower ship

- Automatic "heavy duty " Bildge/Water pumping

- Gasoline powered independent power Bildge/Water pump

- Automatic battery-powered Bildge/Water pump in case of power failure

- Professional emergency oxygen supply on main ship and diving ship

- Simple emergency kit with the most important first aid supplies

- Extended emergency case (for use by medical personnel)

- Clearly defined sample station (collection point) for emergencies

- Self-luminous escape route signs

- Self-illuminating signs pointing to fire extinguishers

- Self-illuminating trail markers to make exits easier to find

- Non-bolted Bildge floor panels for quick access to the Bildge in an emergency

- Freely accessible rudder box area to be able to steer manually in an emergency

- Annually renewed shut-off valves in the hull

DIVING SAFETY & BAUER PureAir filling system


Of course, we do not take any risk when diving.


The dive sites are selected at relatively short notice on a daily basis, taking into account the weather, waves, visibility and current. The diving experience of the guests is of course just as important as the underwater conditions.


We dive with responsible and experienced divers who know their limits and stick to them. Divers who are unsure or have concerns about some dive sites should and must report this to the tour guide with a good feeling so that we can find a solution to satisfy all guests.


Our diving tanks are inspected, cleaned and re-certified after each season by the Maldivian BAUER representation company MA Service. The same happens with the rental regulators, rental jackets and other rental equipment. Written proof is available.


Our Bauer compressors are also professionally serviced annually by the same company.


From now on, we have decided to only fill certified Bauer Pure Air and only use original Bauer air filters. This costs significantly more than the conventional way of filling but is an absolute matter of course for us and shows the professionalism towards the guests and the diving crew.


With the Bauer Pure Air system, we are by far the best when it comes to the cleanest diving air in the Maldives.




The crew has worked on the ship for many years and is a master of their craft.


The international guides are experienced and therefore also understand how to deal professionally and individually with guests with a wide range of diving experiences.


Our guests are mainly from Great Britain, Spain, USA, Germany, Austria and also Switzerland. Many guests are repeat offenders and have been coming to the AMBA for many years.


The atmosphere is very relaxed and new guests are welcomed just as lovingly as guests who have been coming to AMBA for many years.


Individual travelers are also very welcome and will be included in the group from day one.




The tours start in Male and end in Male where the guests are conveniently picked up at the airport by the dive ship and brought back at the end of the tour. Domestic flights do not have to be booked. The European tour guide on board the ship ensures that everything runs smoothly and that all guests are looked after individually and warmly. Not far from the first anchorage, we offer the opportunity to refresh your diving equipment and diving skills at a simple dive site at the beginning of the tour. There are usually 3 dives a day. In case of channel crossings or bad weather conditions maybe only 2 dives. Depending on the weather, the tour takes us from Male via the southern Male Atoll via the Vaavu Atoll to the Ari Atoll. Anchoring is always in sheltered lagoons. A large number of different dive sites with different diving conditions are approached, which show a high degree of flexibility and leave nothing to be desired.

Unfortunately, we cannot make an exact list of the dive sites that we visit in advance, as we always decide according to the weather conditions and diving experience of the guests. However, it is ensured that a large part of the "must do" dive sites are approached, and no good dive site is left out.



All cabins are very spacious and have en-suite bathrooms with hot water, hand basin and western toilet. The cabins themselves are equipped with a fan and individually adjustable air conditioning. The upper deck has two exclusive cabins with a large private terrace and a double bed overlooking the Indian Ocean. Another cabin on the upper deck has two bunk beds. On the lower deck there are 7 cabins with double beds or single beds that can be booked by friends as well as couples. Each bed is equipped with a mattress protector, a thin sleeping sheet, a fluffy soft yet airy duvet and two pillows of different firmness. Towels are automatically changed every 2 days and housekeeping is happy to provide additional towels or beach towels if required. Room service works from morning to night and thoroughly cleans each room once a day. In the evening, while our guests are having dinner, room service does one last check and a little "makeup" so that nothing stands in the way of a restful sleep. The little things make the difference, and our guests often find a little something on their pillow that makes dreams even sweeter.




Three freshly prepared international meals are served daily in the cozy salon. The kitchen crew has been working on board for many years and uses fresh produce to conjure up Western, Asian and, of course, Maldivian, Bengali and Indian specialties. Fresh fish, which we catch fresh almost every day and even during the tour, is served in a wide variety of variations depending on the angler's luck. Vegetarians can be cooked without any problems. Vegan food can only be served after prior information. Drinking water, tea, instant coffee and juices are included in the price. Alcoholic drinks and soft drinks are available at moderate prices. We deliberately do without an almost endless selection of spirits and offer a small but very fine range of spirits. The very cozy after deck offers shade and is ideal for relaxing between dives or in the evening with a fantastic view of what's happening behind the boat. It is said that there are often big fish swimming around at the stern-platform. A large, partially covered sun deck offers plenty of space for sunbathing with a distinctive view over the Indian Ocean. Smoking is only permitted on the AMBA in designated smoking areas.




Arrival and departure days are non-diving on the AMBA. On all other days we offer our guests the opportunity to hop into Neptune's kingdom three times a day and to explore the underwater world of the Maldives.



Unfortunately, during long channel crossings, which do not take place very often, we only have the opportunity to dive twice a day. Luckily, that hardly ever happens.



In addition to the usual 3 dives, we offer an additional and exciting night dive per week, where we always hope that all of our guests will be there. After the dive, our chef is already waiting with his legendary hot Belgian chocolate, which you are welcome to refine with a sip of strong sailor's rum. Of course, our guests are cordially invited.



In order to ensure that all our dear guests return safely from their vacation home, we are very strict about diving safety and expect our diving guests to have a professional attitude towards diving.


This includes a certification that allows you to dive up to 30 meters and since we only dive Nitrox also a Nitrox certification. We especially ask divers who have completed their training many years ago to check again whether the necessary certifications are available.



A minimum of 50 dives is required and diving is done in two groups of maximum 10 guests. These groups are guided groups which means that the divers in the buddy system must follow the guide but also be able to surface safely and independently.



Maldives experienced and diving guests who want to dive alone are welcome to register with the cruise director at the beginning of the tour.



Professional diving equipment, as we expect from our diving guests, includes a wetsuit, hood, mask, snorkel, BCD, fins with booties, surface buoy, signal whistle, cutting tools, reef hook, Nitrox-capable dive computer, compass and a regulator with alternative air supply.



You can bring gloves, but we ask that you only wear them on dives where we expect tiger sharks. For all other dives we ask our guests not to wear gloves.


Shakers, pointer sticks, and other noisy things are not welcome and should be left at home.


 Year of construction: 2004


Length: 34 meters


Width: 10 meters


Engines: Volvo Penta Marine


Generators: 2 Fischer Panda 40 KW, 1 Kohler 80 KW


Compressors: 2 Bauer compressors Pure Air System certified, 1 membrane for Nitrox Diving


Tanks: 12 liters aluminum, 15 liters aluminum, DIN valves with or without inlet


Navigation: compass, radio, GPS, depth gauge, fish finder


We urge our guests to ensure that they have valid diving accident, travel, cancellation and evacuation insurance.



With a continuously muggy 30 to 32 degrees Celsius, we recommend our guests to wear light summer clothing. During meals we ask that you wear outerwear and shorts or skirts. Swimming trunks (speedos) and bare chests or bikinis are not permitted at mealtimes or in the salon.




The Maldives is a Muslim country, and it is strictly forbidden to import alcohol. We have an alcohol license and sufficient alcohol for sale on board. Of course, we understand the magic of the "good drop" we bring with us and would have no problem with it on board as long as it stays within limits. However, the import is strictly prohibited, and everyone must decide for themselves what risk is taken. On board we have a great selection of high-quality spirits, beers and wines that we offer at a fair price. Of course, we look forward to pampering our guests with this.