Diving safaris to the best atolls in the Maldives WITH GERMAN ON BOARD management.


The ship has been a comfortable liveaboard with individual charm for 18 years. A maximum of 18 guests can be accommodated on the large and well-kept yacht. We offer a lot of comfort on a beautiful, solid ship, where there are also corners and edges that creak and are no longer as spotless as they were 18 years ago. The yacht is 34 meters long and with its 10 meters width it is a safe and calm ship.


The crew has worked on the ship for many years and is a master of their craft. Our guides are experienced, so they also understand how to deal professionally with a wide variety of diving experiences.


Divers have the chance to explore beautiful, healthy reefs and encounter manta rays, whale sharks, reef sharks, stingrays, guitarist rays, hammerhead sharks, tiger sharks, bull sharks, oceanic blacktip reef sharks, silvertip sharks and a variety of small animals on unforgettable dives. It is important to know that we will of course visit the advertised dive sites and atolls whenever possible. However, it may be that we have to change the planned tour for weather reasons and use alternatives. The decision rests solely with the captain. We like to dive in good places ourselves, so the tour really only changes when we have to. Safety always comes first!


The upper deck has two very beautiful, exclusive cabins with their own large terrace. From September 1, 2023 there will be another upper deck cabin, but without its own terrace. On the lower deck there are 7 more standard cabins with ensuite bathrooms, individually controlled air conditioning and an additional fan.


Three fresh international meals are served daily as a table buffet in the salon. The kitchen crew has been working on board for many years and uses fresh produce to conjure up Western, Asian and, of course, Maldivian specialties.


Drinking water, black tea and instant coffee are included in the price. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are available from 7am to 11pm at the lounge bar. After dinner we open our moonshine bar on the shade deck and mix the best cocktails, long drinks and of course there is also ice-cold beer at a moderate price.


The covered outdoor saloon on the upper deck offers shade and is ideal for relaxing between dives or in the evening. A large, partially covered sundeck invites you to sunbathe.


There are 2-3 dives per day and one night dive throughout the tour. The night dive is already included in the maximum of 3 dives. On days when we drive from atoll to atoll, we only offer 2 dives without exception.


All dives are made from the associated very large escort ship. With a length of 16 meters and a width of 5 meters, it offers enough space to store and put on the equipment. The dhoni travels at a maximum of 14 knots and is therefore ideal for quick journeys between the diving ship and the hotel ship.


Nitrox is mandatory and all guests must be certified to dive 30 meters. A minimum of 50 open water dives is expected. The trips that are run consist mainly of drift dives and each dive site has an average depth of 25 to 30 meters. If divers are not certified for Nitrox at the beginning of the safari, the Nitrox course can be taken on board with an experienced German-speaking instructor.


For safety reasons, we do not offer air fills and are very strict about dive safety and dive equipment. Before each dive there is a short, informative briefing in English, which prepares the divers well for the dive.


Diving is done in a buddy team. This means that every diver is responsible for himself and his buddy.


Arrival and departure days are dive-free. The last dive is done in the morning the day before departure.


In addition to the usual diving equipment, every diver must carry a cutting tool, buoy, diving lamp, emergency whistle and a nitrox-capable dive computer with them on every dive. One day after arrival, a check dive is made in the morning, where the divers can refresh their skills and check their own equipment for functionality. The guides are there to help and to make sure everyone is comfortable.


As of October 2022, there are currently no restrictions on entry to the Maldives. Since the entry regulations can change at short notice, we would like to ask our guests to find out more information in good time before departure. Neither vaccination nor a PCR test are required to take part in the liveaboard.


The guests will be picked up at 2:00 p.m. in the area of the Burger King restaurant by a German-speaking tour guide. From September 1, 2023, the first pick-up will take place at 12 noon. Later pickups by arrangement.


You can find information about the check-out day here


Year of construction: 2004


Length: 34 meters


Width: 10 meters


Engines: Volvo Penta Marine


Generators: 2 Fischer Panda 40 KW, 1 Kohler 80 KW


Compressors: 2 Bauer compressors, 1 membrane for Nitrox


Scuba tanks: 12 liters aluminum, 15 liters aluminum, DIN valves with or without inlet


Navigation: compass, radio, GPS, depth gauge, fish finder


Security: compass, mobile phones, satellite phones, GPS tracking devices for guides Life jackets, life dinghy, large fuel fire extinguishing system in the engine room, fire extinguishers in all important places, fire blankets for the kitchen, smoke detectors, regular training for the crew, general emergency alarm on battery power, 24 hour personal security guard with 30 minute reminder alarm, anchor alarm, Epirb emergency detector, Emergency oxygen on the diving ship and hotel ship, first aid kit, wound sewing kit, scalpels, sterile surgical instruments and wound care materials if a guest is a doctor and we have an emergency. The installation of a defibrillator is in preparation.


The on-board languages are German and English.


All extra costs can be seen here on the website. We hold the right for pricechanges. Only cash payment in euros or US dollars is possible on board. Card payment or bank transfer are not accepted.


The legally binding service charge is 10% of the total price of the tour and the services paid for on board. This money will be calculated in cash at checkout. An extra tip can, but does not have to be given additionally. This is a fee mandated by the Maldivian Government and is paid equally to employees, fairly, in full and immediately.

Information about this can be found here: https://lra.gov.mv/service-charge-regulation-gazetted/


Due to the sharp rise in fuel prices, we are unfortunately forced to charge a fuel surcharge of maximum 15 euros per guest and night. This will be calculated in cash at the end of the on-board invoice. This fee does not apply to some trips. Please ask your travel agent about the respective status.


For safety reasons we do not offer air fillings but Nitrox. Nitrox is not included in the trip price and is also charged at the end of each diving day, including the last diving day on which only one dive is made, at 10 euros per diving day. This fee does not apply to some trips. Please ask your travel agent about the respective status.


We ask that you ensure that you have valid diving accident and evacuation insurance.


With a continuously muggy 30 to 32 degrees Celsius, we recommend our guests to wear light summer clothing.


The Maldives is a Muslim country and it is strictly forbidden to import alcohol. You are not allowed to consume alcohol you have brought with you on board. We offer a variety of alcoholic and of course non-alcoholic drinks. A corkage fee of 60 euros will be charged on bottles brought along.


Smoking is only permitted on board in the open rear lounge or on the sun deck. As more and more smokers decide to refrain from this vice, we have decided to make the dive dhoni 100% smoke-free. Smoking is of course permitted in a designated zone on board the AMBA. Non-smoker protection is given on board.


We recommend checking the country's import regulations for taking medication with you. To date, none of our guests have had any problems regarding the import of medicines.


Please do not forget to take a small first-aid kit with you in addition to your personal medication. By law, we are only allowed to offer emergency oxygen and bandages on board.


Health care in the Maldives is good. Tree Top Hospital in Hulhumale meets European standards. Hyperbaric Chambers are located on Kuredu, Kuramathi, and Bandos.


Of course we have a satellite phone on board. This number is intended for extreme and primarily medical emergencies. The same applies if it is a stroke of fate and a guest must be reached urgently.


Our captain can be reached via this number 24 hours a day. Flight delays and urgent requests do not count as emergencies under any circumstances, apart from the fact that the cost of the call is very expensive. 008821644411805