Technical data

Length: 33 meters (108 feet)
Beam: 10 meters (33 feet)
Gross weight: about 115 tons
Engine: 1 x 430 Hp Volvo Penta
Cabins: 9 (all Air Conditioning, 12-16 sqm (1^30-170 sq ft), 1 Luxury cabin, TV and DVD, 12 sqm
Generators: 3  Fischer Panda
Voltage: 380/220V, German outlet. 
Fire alarm in all cabins/rooms. 



Additional Amba information and descriptions

Lower deck:
7 staterooms (13-16 sqm / 140-172 sq ft) each stateroom and bathroom has a port hole approx. 30x50 cm (12 in x 20 in), in addition to the port hole each stateroom has an additional ceiling window. Well equipped maintenance room and part storage.

Engine room: main engine 1 Volvo Penta 430 PS turbo diesel, 1 R/O system, 3 Panda generators, hot water tank, fresh water tanks and Diesel tanks.


Main deck:
Main salon with telephone, board games, library, battery charging station (24 h. 220 Vac Power), bar, covered deck (60 sqm / 645 sq ft), coffee shop, kitchen ( 20 sqm / 215 sq ft), storerooms, captain and crew areas.


2 staterooms

1 Luxury cabin (12 sqm) with a private  sundeck 20 sqm (215 sq ft).
Covered area (60 sqm / 645 sq ft).


Upper deck:
The upper deck (50 sqm / 540 sq ft) ) is equipped with lounge chairs, table and chairs to enjoy the sun and shadow...!


Problem with sea sickness ??? We have the solution for you !!!

To prevent a rolling (Swings) of the ship at rough sea, we have build a stabilizer system directly in the hull. 15 tons of additional weight is added at the deepest point of the ship and  distributed over the whole length, will provide you a smoother ride at rough sea.


In addition the Amba is accompanied with:
1 Diving-Dhoni: The diving-equipment always stays on the diving-dhoni.

1 Speed-Boat: lenght 6m (19 ft), beam 2,2 m (7ft), engine Yanmar.