1,190 coral islands, forming an archipelago of 26 major atolls. Stretches 820 kilometres north to south and 120 kilometres east to west. 202 are inhabited, 87 are exclusive resort islands.

Generally warm and humid. Sun shines all year through. Average temperature around 29 - 32 degrees Celsius. Water temperature between 27 ° and 29 °.



It is generally forbidden to visit islands in the Maldives. We always need the permission of the island chief. If you have the opportunity to visit a local island, please make sure you wear the correct clothes ... Women should keep their shoulders and knees covered.

Dhivehi is the language spoken in all parts of the Maldives. English is widely spoken by Maldivians and visitors can easily make themselves understood getting around the capital island.

The Maldivian currency is the Rufiyaa and Laaree. The exchange rate for US Dollar at the time of writing is MVR 15.42 for the dollar. One Rufiyaa is equivalent to 100 laarees. The Euro and US Dollar is the most commonly used foreign currency. 

Local Time:
In the Maldives it is 3-4 hours later than in Germany, depending on the summer or winter time.


Free 30 days Visa upon arrival for all visitors. No prior visa is required to enter the Republic of Maldives. Entry permit will be granted to visitors on arrival at designated ports of entry, based on the immigration requirements. 

Duty free:
Duty free shopping is only available in the departure terminal of the Male international airport. The lounge has specialized shops for electrical goods, watches, cameras, fashion, liquor, jewelry, tobacco and more.

Alcohol is prohibited on the Maldives, as well pork and pornographic Material. 




Health care is improving almost daily. The Indhira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) in Male is not only the largest hospital in the country, but also has highly developed medical care. The ADK Hospital is the largest private clinic and also has a high medical standard. Chambers are located on Kuredu, Kuramathi and Bandos.