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The Haa-Alifu and Haa Dhaalu Atoll

...we are the pioneers

The Haa-Alifu-Atoll is the northernmost atoll from the Maldives and the distance to the capital Male is 480 miles.
This atoll has a special meaning for the Maldivians. Here is the birth island of the nations hero Muhammad Thakurufaanu (1573-1585).

Sultan Ghaazee Muhammad Thakurufaanu freed Maldives from the Portuguese rule.
The capital Dhidhoo has about 10.000 people that live on the 16 populated islands, 24 more islands in the Maldives are inhabited.

Here are our dive sites ... far from mass tourism
Here are our dive sites ... far from mass tourism

The Amba was the first and the only diving yacht on the North of the Maldives. We start our diving trips from Hanimaadhoo  in the Haa Alifu-Atoll. The transfer to the northernmost atoll of the Maldives from Male via a small airplane (a half hour flight).

After your arrival in Male you will use the domestic flight to Hanimaadhoo. While the flight you will enjoy a fantastic view over the atolls and islands of the maldives. Don't forget your video and  camera.

After your arrival we will pick up you from Hanimaadhoo. Check in from 11:00 AM, Check Out at morning around 08:00 AM.